Toritaka Miyu

Descended from the Falcon clan, A hand to prevent the spread of the tainted


Toritaka Miyu descends from the Falcon clan, a clan all to familiar with battling the spirits that plague Rokugan. However fate would not lead her down the path of her ancestors, she was to study with the Kuni, to become a Witch Hunter, to combine her knowledge of the Spirits to help in destroying the tainted, and sending the spirits back to their realms.

Like many Kuni, and Toritaka, Miyu paints herself in the traditional Kabuki style.. She keeps her Falcon “Rin” with her, training it to be a useful scout for she is expected to venture into the Shadowlands, and an aerial view and ally shall be quite useful.

She is not without her downfalls though. While many a samurai enjoy spending their time gambling, Miyu might be considered to have an addiction to it. Coupled with an insatiable greed for more money. What might be her greatest weakness is her obsession with learning. While seemingly innocuous, she cares little if the subject is taboo, or even forbidden, She finds herself hard pressed to resist any new knowledge she might come across.

Toritaka Miyu

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