Shiba Kojiro


Air Ring: 2, Reflexes: 2, Awareness: 2
Earth Ring: 2, Stamina: 2, Willpower: 2
Fire Ring: 3, Agility: 3, Intelligence: 3
Water Ring: 3, Strength 3, Perception 3
Void Ring: 2
Clan: Phoenix
Family: Shiba (+1 Perception)
School: Shiba Bushi School
School Benefit: +1 Agility
School Skills: Defense, Kenjutsu, Kyujutsu, Meditation(Void Recovery), Spears, Lore(Theology), Etiquette
Honor: 5.5
Outfit: Light Armor, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, Yumi, 20 arrows, Travelling Pack, 5 koku
Rank 1 technique: The Way of the Phoenix. When you use a void point to add 1k1 to a role, you can spend 2 void points to add 2k2 instead.
Insight: 151
Glory: Whatever we start with.

Friendly Kami (maho only) (Background table advantage)
Forbidden Knowledge (maho)
Precise Memory

Dark Fate
Consumed (Knowledge)
Bad Fortune (Unknown Enemy)

Bugei Skills
Defense 2
Kenjutsu 5
Kyujutsu 2
Spears 1
Athletics 2
Iajutsu 2

High Skills
Meditation(Void Recovery) 2
Lore(Theology) 1
Etiquette 1
Lore (Heraldry) 2
Medicine (Wound Treatment) 1
Investigation 2
Lore (History) 1
Lore (Shugenja) 1
Lore (Great Clan: Dragon) 1
Lore (Great Clan: Lion) 1
Lore (Great Clan: Unicorn) 1

Low Skills
Lore(Maho) 1
Sincerity(Deceit) 1
Stealth (Spellcasting) 2

Total XP: 75
Spent XP 72


Childhood name: Hotei

Since he was a child, Kojiro had loved to learn. From the lore of the Tao, to the art of the sword, Kojiro sought out knowledge almost as if it was obsession. However, he began to hear whispers from a Kami, telling him knowledge he had never heard before. In fact, it sounded suspiciously like Maho, a forbidden form of magic. While he knew he should leave it alone, he also found that he simply could not ignore this avenue of knowledge. This required learning how to keep a secret as well, however, which proved difficult at first. Luckily, he is a fast learner, and while he has never actually attempted to use Maho himself, he finds the ideas behind it fascinating, and has managed to hide this fact from all others. At least, as far as he knows. However, his studies have recently been broken, as in the last few weeks he has begun to see a specter while alone. Initially scared, he realized after one encounter that it was the ghost of an ancestor, though one he did not recognize immediately. The ghost told him that he must enter the upcoming tournament, though he would not expand on why. At first, Kojiro ignored the ghost, for though he respects his ancestors, he could not allow anything to interrupt his studies. This proved to be a poor choice, as bad fortune seemed to follow his for a few days, until he agreed to speak to his parents about a sponsorship for the tournament. It took much cajoling, but he was able to convince them at last that the knowledge and experience gained would be invaluable, and that it was finally time for him to take the step into manhood.

Shiba Kojiro

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