Shosuro Taru

A proud, young samurai descended from the famed Tokagure vassal family of talented gardeners for the scorpion.


FIRE 3 (Agility 4)

Stealth 2 (sneaking)
Kenjutsu 3
Acting 1
Sincerity 1
Ninjutsu 1
Athletics 2
Lore Underworld 1
Craft (poison) 1
Etiquette 1
Iaijutsu 2
Medicine 1
Sleight of hand 1
Investigation 1

Insight 133
Status 0.5
Glory 0


Failure of bushido (Honor, honesty)
Dark secret

6/6 spent (iaijutsu 2 + medicine 1+ sleight of hand 1+ investigation 1)


Born to the Tokagure vassal family that tends the exotic and majestic Shosuro gardens. Tokagure besides inheriting his ancestors’ talent for gardening, is a skilled scout and messenger for his clan. This talent of his helped him become a good swordsman despite being a peace-loving and calm samurai.

His grandfather, the famous Tokagure Burositu, was perhaps one of the best Tokagure Gardeners, a hard working and wise man whose skill was recognised by the benevolent and brave Scorpion Daimio and was appointed to the illustrious position of tending the gardens of the Scorpion capital Shiro Bayushi, leaving young Taru a small red music box that is unfortunately no longer working. The music box is the only thing poor Taru has left to reming him of this great man who was lost after a gardening accident, and certainly not a botched clandestine assasination attemp against a Dragon monk.
Despite some malevolent and biased myths about the marvelous and exotic Shosuro gardens being “A deadly field full of poisonous flowers for the scorpion to experiment with.” and having “Large hedge mazes that unruly peasants often get thrown in, and young Shosuro would be assasins were set upon them to test their murderous skills.”, brave Tokagure’s childhood was uneventful and in tune with the harmony of the flowers and mother nature, it certainly did not involve the poisoning of a miller’s girl who called him “fish-face” when he was twelve years old.

Everything changed when his father was captured by a Gaijin-loving, bloodthirsty, warmongering unicorn magistrate for “espionage” and used dishonorable methods to mine valuable clan information from the man. The burden of relieving the shame from his family had fallen on the shoulders of young Taru who was sent out to redeem his name.

Shosuro Taru

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